Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Seanfhocal an Lae: Irish Proverb of the Day

We are brushing up on our Irish in preparation for Lismore’s participation in The G Team- the reality television series to find Ireland’s top Irish speaking town outside of the Gaeltacht . To get ourselves in Gaeilge mode we are digging out old Irish proverbs and sharing them on our outdoor blackboard each day.

Anyone in Lismore who would like to know what our seanfhocal is can call into Heritage Centre Reception to ask. If your cúpla focal is up to it you can pop in and translate it to us; the first person to correctly translate the seanfhocal each day will earn a free tea/coffee OR a free visit to ‘The Lismore Experience’ audio visual show.

While the tea and coffee requires you to physically come and see us we would love our Facebook friends and tweeps to join in the fun so just for the sheer joy of racing each other we will pop the seanfhocal up each morning; ar aghaidh linn!

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