Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Join In Community Celebration Day in Waterford

Community Celebration Day is a nationwide event intended to highlight the valuable work done by the community and voluntary sector in Ireland.

In 2009 the community and voluntary sector suffered government funding cuts of 12%. Facing the risk of further harsh cuts, the national network of Community Service Projects (CSPs), in collaboration with Irish Rural Link, has called on its members to use September 10th to showcase their valuable services. While there can be no doubt as to the serious state of the national finances the 420 CSP projects across Ireland employ over 2,700 people working to deliver crucial services to the public.

In west Waterford alone there are ten CSPs including Lismore Heritage Centre, Tallow Social & Enterprise Development Co Ltd, Suide Iol-Oidis DĂșin Aill (Dunhill Multi Education Centre), Ballyduff Muintir na Tire Community Services Ltd, Dungarvan Care of the Aged, Waterford Local Economic Development Company, Manor St John Youth Service, Children’s Group Link, Access IT Ltd and Butler Community Centre Ltd.

Tallow Enterprise Centre has an exciting programme of events in store for 10th September. From 10.00a.m - 4.30p.m visitors can avail of free internet access, sample a digital camera class, browse the work of the local art group and take a peep at the community playschool. Free workshops will run throughout the day; sample yoga for beginners at 11.30p.m and 12.30p.m, Pilates at 2.30p.m and 3.00p.m, creative writing at 3.00p.m and active retired at 3.30p.m.

Dunhill Multi-Education Centre will host a Coffee Morning on the 10th in aid of Waterford Hospice. Everyone is encouraged to come and see what the Centre has to offer and to help support a good cause. There will be a photo gallery of previous events and a visit from Dunhill Special Olympics Club. Events at Dunhill will run 11.30a.m-1.30p.m.

In honour of Community Celebration Day Lismore Heritage Centre will host an open evening on 10th September at 7.30pm. There will be short performances by Lismore Dramatic Society and The Booley House. Lismore Tidy Towns Committee, Lismore GAA, Lismore Choir, A Taste of West Waterford and many other local groups will be represented. Children are welcome to try out science experiments in the Robert Boyle Room and attempt our History Quest. Light refreshments will be served.

We ask everyone to attend an event on the 10th to show their support for their local CSP and the whole Community Services Programme.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Free Guided Tours of Lismore for Heritage Week

To celebrate Heritage Week 2010 a free tour of Lismore town will leave the Heritage Centre at 11.00am each day this week.

A walking tour is a great way to get acquainted with the formidable history of our picturesque heritage town. Let one of our guides regale you with tales of Viking raids and treasure hidden in castle walls. Follow in the steps of the adventurers, saints, scientists and Hollywood stars who all made their way to Lismore.

Tours are available Monday-Friday and usually cost €5.00 per adult.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Boyle Volumes on Loan from Waterford County Library

A number of rare volumes of the works of Robert Boyle are now on display in Lismore Heritage Centre

The books, kindly on loan from Waterford County Library, include The Works of the Honourable Robert Boyle in Six Volumes, A Revelation of Some Mercurial Observations and Their Results, Of the Mineral of Liege and Philosophical Transactions.

Robert Boyle 'The Father of Modern Chemistry' was born in Lismore Castle in 1627 . The Robert Boyle Room at the Heritage Centre, styled as a gentleman's study, is an exhibition area dedicated to the great scientist's life and works.

The Boyle Room is a focal point for the Heritage Centre's science education programme but it is also open and accessible to visitors who wish to learn of Boyle's scientific discoveries, his philosophical works and his early life at Lismore.

The Boyle volumes will be on display in the Centre until the end of October.