Monday, August 29, 2011

Bígí Linn ar G Day: Join in the Celebration of Gaeilge in Lismore

Lismore is gearing up for An G-Day on 7th September, 2011. Can You Help to Turn Lismore into TG4’s Next Top Irish Speaking Town?
The G Team:
TG4 and Adare Productions are producing a brand new series where non-Gaeltacht communities compete against each other for the opportunity to call themselves The G-Team Champions 2011 and to win a €40,000 Foras na Gaeilge prize to use to promote their local area. Lismore has been chosen to compete in the first round of this competition.

The G-Team challenges competitors to begin using their native tongue in their daily routines. Can the local butcher sell the Sunday roast in Irish? Can parents learn enough of the language to read their kids a bedtime story?

G Day:
In our bid for victory, Lismore will host G -Day (Gaeilge Day) on Wednesday, September 7 when the TG4 cameras roll into town to capture a cupla focal being spoken on the streets of Lios Mór.

A carnival atmosphere will greet the camera crew with a host of free entertainment on offer throughout the day. Lismore Farmers Market will set up in Castle Avenue, there will be art, archery and science in the park with music, busking and dancing in the roads as Fred and Adele Astaire return to Lismore courtesy of local ballroom dancers.

Irish Classes/Ranganna Gaeilge:
Classes are being held at Lismore Heritage Centre on Tuesday nights at 7pm for anyone wishing to brush up on their Irish. Classes are €5.

The cameras have already been in Lismore and they like what they see, so come out on September 7th and join in the G Day- we can’t do it without YOU!

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