Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Talking Travel and Immrama with the Frommers

The phenomenon of a little town in County Waterford that manages to attract the world’s greatest travel writers made quite an impression on Michael Shapiro. The wonder is still in Michael’s voice as he describes his visit to the Immrama Festival of Travel Writing in Lismore last June.

Michael’s awe is was captured in conversation with Arthur and Pauline Frommer, publishers of Frommer’s Travel Guides, the world’s largest selling series of travel guides and hosts of The Travel Show on WOR a major New York city radio station .

Ireland, according to Shapiro who just returned to the U.S. from Dublin, is a country still in love with books, where economic crisis means there are bargains and deals for tourists and where it is vital that visitors get out of the big cities and take a look off the beaten track- in County Waterford for example!

Michael Shapiro is a freelance writer, editor and photographer, a contributor to National Geographic Traveler, the San Francisco Chronicle and Washington Post and the author of A Sense of Place: Great Travel Writers Talk About Their Craft, Lives and Inspirationand Guatemala: A Journey Through the Land of the Maya.

The Immrama Festival of Travel Writing will be held in Lismore from 9th-12th June 2011. Details of the programme are kept under lock and key until the official launch in April.

Michael Shapiro’s whole talk with the Frommers is available here http://www.wor710.com/topic/play_window.php?audioType=Episode&audioId=5209031

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