Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Prodger, based on a true story

FORGOTTEN – For a long time, Irish veterans of World War I were largely forgotten.  But they didn’t forget the war.  Nor did others let them.  For some at least, it never went away.  

Set in a pub in Lismore, Waterford, in 1964, Tina Noonan’s powerful new one-act play, The Prodger, is a poignant re-imagining of the life of one such veteran, her great-uncle Johnny, who lost a leg in battle. Like many in his situation, Johnny met with prejudice when finally he returned home. He never married and suffered flashbacks all his life.

The Prodger sees Johnny and a friend head to the pub one wild winter’s night. Rumours of a local murder are circulating. As events unfold and the play moves rapidly towards its dramatic conclusion, stories are told and old secrets and wounds exposed.

Touching on themes of love, loss, friendship and regret, yet full of biting humour, The Prodger is a moving portrait of one veteran’s struggle to fit into his local community, decades after the war is over.  For Johnny at least, the devastation of war still lingers.

 The Prodger features a stellar cast of Irish acting talent: Seamus Moran, Brendan Conroy, Joe Moylan and Frank Melia.

In conjunction with Lismore Dramatic Society The Prodger comes to Lismore’s Courthouse Theatre on 9th and 10th March. Tickets are priced at €12 and can be bought from the Lismore Heritage Centre (058) 54 975 or Cahills, Flower & Gift Shop, Main Street, Lismore 

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