Friday, January 18, 2013

Exciting new topics added to Lismore Mobile Science Workshop

What is an acid? What is a base? How does the food we eat keep us alive and healthy? Primary school pupils will learn all this and more with the Lismore Science Workshop’s two new topics for 2013: the Guts of Digestion and Acids and Bases.

From the moment it touches the lips to the gory finale pupils will love following real food on a simulated journey through the digestive system. Children will discover how their body absorbs nutrients, the role played by different body parts and the jobs done by helpful bacteria.

Using red cabbage indicator and litmus paper pupils will learn about acids and bases as they identify the Ph of lots of everyday materials. Students will bring some bang to the lesson with classic chemical reaction experiments- school has never been this much fun!

Science workshops are generally recommended for fourth to sixth class students. Lest the little ones feel left out the Junior Science Roadshow can roll in to keep everyone from Junior Infants up spellbound with simple, fun experiments.

In 2012 the Lismore Mobile Science Workshop brought science to almost 1000 pupils in their very own classrooms in schools all over the south east. The workshop is a convenient and exciting way to bring the primary science curriculum to life.

The price per pupil for a 2 hour senior science workshop is €6 and €4 for the Junior Science Roadshow. All materials are included and student worksheets are supplied. There is a minimum payment of €180 per school. The 2012 science workshop topics, Electricity and Light, remain available to interested schools.

Lismore Heritage Centre is a Discover Primary Science and Maths (DPSM) Centre with over 15 years education experience. Each school will receive a DPSM certificate of completion.

To book a workshop or for more information call Alice or Eleanor on 058-54975, visit or follow us Facebook and Twitter

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