Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Santa's Craft Shop Sale Discounts

Lismore Heritage Centre's Santa statue is a bit of a character.

You see, given his size Santa is not easy to store outside of the festive season. As a result he tends to move around the building, sometimes appearing in the most unlikely of places. On occasion Santa gets mischievous and deliberately pops up where he will catch you unawares!

As Santa is coming out in time for The Craft Shop's Pre-Christmas Sale on 19th-21st November, we decided to make him part of the fun. If you take a picture of yourself with Santa and post it on Lismore Heritage Centre's Facebook page we will give you an additional 5% off any item during our sale weekend.

You don't need to pose with our Santa, any Santa toy, decoration etc will do- snap yourself in a Santa hat if you wish. The camera shy can take the picture of their child, friend, pet, whoever they like. Pictures can be posted directly to our profile, sent by private Facebook message or emailed to

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