Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Coin collection donated to Lismore Heritage Centre

Lismore Heritage Centre wishes to thank an anonymous donor who bestowed a collection of old and very interesting coins on the centre.

The collection includes:

Angevin Lismore
Edward I silver penny (circa 1286-92) from Waterford Mint, a King John silver penny (1204) struck by Robert De Bedford, Bishop of Lismore and Justiciar of Ireland and two silver cut halfpennies struck for John’s successor, Henry III.

Plantagenet Lismore
Silver penny (1204) struck for King Edward I, enemy of William Wallace, in Reginald’s Tower and bearing the name ‘Vaterfor’ and a silver halfpenny (1475) struck for King Edward IV also in Reginald’s Tower.

All of the coins are 0.950 silver “sterling”. They are emblazoned with a cross to protect against demons, witches and chippers. They also bear dots which represent grains of wheat- originally a pennyweight equalled twenty four grains.
The coins are now on display in the historical gallery of the Heritage Centre and all are welcome to come and see them.

Lismore Heritage Centre is open Monday-Friday 9.30am-5.30pm, Saturday 10am-5pm and Sunday 12-5pm. For more information please call 058-54975 or visit www.discoverlismore.com

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