Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Camp at the Heritage Centre

What are you doing for midterm break? The kids who come to Halloween Camp at Lismore Heritage Centre will be up to their eyeballs in awful art, creepy crafts, disgusting drama, slimy science and ghastly games!

Camp will run from Tuesday 1st- Friday 4th November from 10am – 2pm each day. Children can attend camp for four days, for one day or for any number in between! Only a very small number of places are available for all four days; limited places are available for Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday but Thursday is now booked up.

Tuesday is ‘Meet the Guys Day’: we will be making scarecrows and candy men, running Headless Horseman Races and holding a Guy Fawlkes competition. On Wednesday everything gets a bit Yucky! There will be edible eyeballs, bubbling blood, spider obstacles courses and games of ‘Guess What Gooey’! Friday’s campers will be charmed with potion spells, fortune telling, the black cat sweep and much, much more.

To book a place at camp please call Arlene on 058-54975. If you are coming to camp please remember a healthy packed lunch and drink to keep your strength up and come in your old clothes- things will get messy!

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