Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Mascot for Lismore Heritage Centre?

Thousands of children visit Lismore Heritage Centre every year. Classes from all over Munster and Leinster come to us on school tour or we come to them with our Mobile Science Workshop. Local kids come to our summer, Halloween and Easter camps and holiday makers and day-trippers try out our Family Fun Experience. When we are not entertaining and educating all those children (and our fair share of adults) we promote the Heritage Centre, Lismore town and West Waterford at trade fairs all around the country. So we thought; is it time to put an exciting new face towards all these children and potential visitors? Is it time we got a mascot?

Fota Wildlife Park has Larry the Lemur and Perks Funfair has Perky Bear- what should we have? Our mascot could be a crazy scientist- representing our workshops and our special status as Robert Boyle’s birthplace. We could have something cuddly- like a cartoon squirrel or fox- standing for the nature trails that are part of our school tours and Family Fun. We could draw on Lismore’s long and exciting history to produce a character like Walter Raleigh or Fred Astaire. Or we could bring Brother Declan, long-time narrator of our audio-visual show “The Lismore Experience”, to life.

Do you think we should have a mascot? If so, what do you think our mascot should be? We would be very interested in your opinion. You can leave a comment on our Facebook page, on our blog or you can email . Let us know what you think!

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