Monday, January 17, 2011

RTE's The Way We Worked Looking for Participants

RTE is producing a history programme called "The Way We Worked." A similar series last year focused on men working in industries like fishing, mining, creameries, turf and sugar beat. This new series will focus on women’s work in factories, shops, offices and at home.

RTE wish to get in contact with women with rural backgrounds who might have worked in the following areas at some point in their lives:

-domestic: housekeepers and nannies
-drapery/grocery stores, postmistresses
-office work, civil service, telephone exchange
-laundries, cleaners
-working from home - knitting, lace, dressmaking, poultry, farming

Do you know of any interesting women in the local area who have stories to tell about their working lives? RTE would love to talk to them. If you have any suggestions please email and we will pass them along to the show's producers.

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