Monday, May 24, 2010

Lady Louisa's Walk

As Lismore basked in glorious sunshine over the weekend Lady Louisa's Walk was a source of shady relief. The cooling charm of the Blackwater proved alluring to many as fishermen, canoeists and even hot air balloonists passed us on our walk.

The riverside walk is named after Lady Louisa Cavendish. The eldest daughter of the seventh Duke of Devonshire was a responsible young lady, taking on her mother's duties after the death of Lady Blanche in 1840. Lady Louisa also continued work on one of her mother's projects- the gardens at Lismore Castle. In her love of the outdoors Lady Louisa created a number of nature trails along the banks of the Blackwater and Abha na Séad. Many of the paths she followed have returned to their natural state except for the eponymous walk, preserved and open to the public to enjoy.

Lady Louisa's Walk can be accessed through the black and gold gate located on the town side of Lismore Bridge. The path, when followed in full, will lead to North Mall and St Carthage's Cathedral. A shortcut down the cobbled Deanery Hill returns you to the small public parking area found just alongside the entrance to the walk.