Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Krusty the Klown a Great Success

On Sunday 22nd November, as part of the Heritage Centre's Annual Craft and Gift Sale , entertainer Konor Halpin staged complimentary shows in the Courthouse Theatre.
His efforts were greatly appreciated as an email we received shows:
"Having heard about the Sale in the Craft Shop & Konor Halpin doing a show from a friend who read your advert in the local paper, I am writing to say that it was very enjoyable. Thank you for the great show, my 3-year old daughter Nicole really had a ball, as did the many other children who were present. I think it needs to be mentioned that after the show, Konor took the time to ensure that EVERY child who waited in line for his balloon animals & swords, got one (even though the next arrivals for the new show were already taking their seats). With such patience, Konor made sure that all the children left with a special something.
Thank you for a great experience."
The Heritage Centre thanks everyone who attended the shows and supported the sale. However we are aware that the adverse road and weather conditions prevented many of our loyal customers travelling. It has been decided as a result that the sale will be extended until Monday 30th November.
There are plenty bargains still to be had and with further reductions on many items it's well worth a look!

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