Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Busy Times in the Craft Shop

The Heritage Centre is pleased to announce that Rachel Allen's exquisite Kitchen Range is now available from the Craft Shop.
The acclaimed TV chef has collaborated with Tipperary Crystal to produce a charming collection of delicately decorated tableware. Also available are an assortment of pretty yet practical kitchen utensils and a variety of fragrant candles.

Also newly arrived in the Craft Shop is a fabulous selection of bags ranging from an elegant evening wear collection to tempting holdalls and casual shoulder bags. These are handsomely complimented by an assortment of new season shawls and scarves now on display.

If any (or many!) of these exciting new items tickles your fancy or seems like the perfect present for your nearest and dearest you may be interested in the Craft Shop Christmas Club.

Now open for business members can secure any item in the shop with a small deposit or save up for the festive season- an especially prudent move considering the Craft Shop's ever popular sale will be coming up in November!

To find out more, to buy or just to browse call into the Craft Shop any time.

1 comment:

  1. I got my lovely teapot from the Craft shop last Christmas - it is as practical as it is beautiful as it has an integrated sieve for holding the tealeaves and you can't beat real leaf tea! I even wrote a blogpost on it back in January - you can read it by following this link:
    There's a photo of it there!
    Must call in for a browse again soon!