Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Working Together

Tourism is one of Lismore Heritage Centre’s raisons d’être. We are proud to work closely with the many businesses that cater for visitors to the locality.

The Centre wishes to be of service to anyone involved in the tourist trade in this beautiful part of the world. We hope that Life in Lismore will help others become more aware of what we do but we will also let others know what you do.

To keep track of our exploits you can follow the example of the folks at Glenribbeen and become a follower of our blog. Glenribbeen Eco Lodge Bed and Breakfast is located between Lismore and Cappoquin and featured in RTE’s “At Your Service”.

Life in Lismore is all about what is great and good in our area! If you are planning any events or have anything special going on let us know. Email and we’ll be pleased to help to spread the word!

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